Okay, what I am about to suggest is a radical perspective on life but one that I sincerely believe is true. Everything you do is a CHOICE. There are no should’s, must’s, have to’s, ought to’s, etc. Everything you do is because you have chosen to do that action, given all the factors around you. Of course there are a few things that we do to survive but even those are choices. We choose to eat, drink, breathe, etc. because if we do not we do not survive. But after that all those things we tell ourselves we “have to” or “must” do are ultimately choices. You do not have to work. It is a choice because it benefits you in some desired way.

Why is this an important tip??  If you accept that everything you do is a choice, then you empower yourself to do or not do. This provides a sense of freedom and reduces emotional distress that is caused when we tell ourselves we “have to” when in reality we are making a choice to. You may do something that is “undesirable” but you do it because in that moment it becomes the best choice for you.