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Chip Lutz interviews Dr. Steve Sultanoff (43 minutes)

Mar 21st, 2017

In this episode of Laughbox, Dr. Sultanoff explains the therapeutic nature of humor and shares his personal strategies for incorporating more humor into your life and how he used humor strategically as a psychotherapist with his patients.  You’ll get some real strategies you can use right away in this episode!  Grab a pen, paper and be prepared!

Chip Lutz interviews Dr. Steve Sultanoff (50 minutes)

Apr 7th, 2020

If you’re like me, you’ve been in the house for about a month and maybe finding the funny to cope is becoming a little harder to do.  Don’t fret….we at AATH have your back and have decided to bring another expert on the show to share his wisdom on how to cope during the coronavirus!
This episode brings the wit and wisdom of Dr. Steve Sultanoff.  Steve has been on the show before and, if you’ve heard him, you know that HE HAS GOT THE GOODS!  We talk about how to deal with anxiety, hope, despair and (of course) humor.  I know you’re going to get as much out of this episode as I did so ENJOY!!

More Podcasts and Interviews

○ Humor and Crisis; The Corona Virus Epidemic, April, 2020

Karyn Buxman Interviews Dr. Steven Sultanoff (42 minutes)

Dr. Sultanoff discusses the fundamental strategies to manage stress and anxiety and shares how humor can be used as an alternative strategy to manage stress and anxiety. He also proposes a cure to anxiety and explains the underlying thinking process that is ultimately responsible for anxiety. of crisis and how humor can be used to help us manage crises especially the Corona Virus epidemic. Learn many tips on how to increase your “humor quotient.”

○ Evolution of Therapeutic Humor (Labor Day, 2010)

Dan Mulhern Interviews Dr. Steven Sultanoff (12 minutes)
Dr. Sultanoff discusses the nature of humor, how to plan humor, and the health benefits of humor.


Sultanoff Quotes and Articles Links

○ Your Therapist a Keeper? (June, 2018)

Dr. Sultanoff helps you select a therapist. His insight will help you determine whether your therapist (or potential therapist) is the real deal.

○ How to Teach Yourself to Be Funnier (January, 2018)

In this article Dr. Sultanoff shares ways to expand your humor quotient.

○ Comedy in Tragedy (July, 2020)

In this very brief article Dr. Sultanoff explains how humor can help during a pandemic.

○ What’s Your Ailment (April, 2020)

Comedian Maria Bamford interviews Dr. Sultanoff on psychotherapy, psychotherapists, and humor in psychotherapy and for health and wellness.
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