Tip 1: Activate Humor

1:  Tickle your Funny Bone; Visualize one of your favorite humorous experiences.  For example, recall a moment where you laughed so hard you cried or fell down.  This can help you in at least 3 healthy ways.  First, when you laugh you exercise your muscles and reduce stress physically.  Second, when you experience humor, distressing emotions (depression, anxiety, anger, guilt and resentment disappear—even if only for a moment), and third, the experience of humor adds perspective making the stressors of life less potent.  It is quick, free, easy, and takes less than 60 seconds!

2: Prop-Position; Carry and use a playful prop.  I carry a clown nose, an Elvis Driver’s license, a magic thumb, official ID with a clown nose, etc.  In my car I carry mental floss, bubbles, clown wigs, etc.  My Elvis driver’s license has been a great hit at airport security as well as at rental car agencies and hotels. Wind up toys and bubbles are great for the office environment or on one’s desk.

3:  Invoke Your Comic Vision; Look to the humor around you.  Each day find a “funny” in your environment.  Have your kids help.  Here are a few of examples:  As one approaches Baltimore International Airport there is a sign that reads: Satellite Parking, Next Exit. (How many satellites do you seeing coming in for a landing?)  A sign at a restaurant reads, “Children left unattended will be towed at the owner’s expense.”  A sign on the freeway approaching San Diego once read, “Cruise Ships, Use airport Exit.”  Are there that many Cruise ships on the freeway?  Finally, in the galley of Virgin Atlantic Airlines are canvas recycling bags that read, “Virgin Recycling.”

4: Have a “humor buddy.” Have someone with whom you purposely and intentionally share humor on a regular (every day??) basis. There is joy in the giving and receiving.

5: Humor your environment

1. Use page a day calendars
2. Collect funny quotes
3. Keep funny objects on your desk

  1. Receive humor
    1. Play clips from your favorite comedian/sitcom/late night show, etc.
    2. Watch funny movies
    3. Attend comedy clubs
    4. Clip copies of cartoons
  1. Carry and log—write down items; Review them for humor breaks
  1. Create a humor kit—mirth aid—Include props, jokes, books, whistles, slinkys, etc.
  2. Wear Clothes that promote humor—t-shirts, wild ties, pins and look in the mirror when you need a break