Tip 1

Include “I want or I prefer” in your resolution. If your resolution includes “I must, I should, or I have to…” it is doomed to fail.

“I want or I prefer” is the language of personal choice. If you choose to do something, there is a greater probability you will succeed. “Musts, should, and have to’s” are demands often lingering in your background and have been created over the years by accepting others’ demands of you. Choose what you want rather than what you should.

Tip 2

Tickle your funny bone!!!

What could be better than adding more humor into your life. Humor feels great, improves a positive life outlook (by creating perspective on your world), helps you to bond with others, and research suggests that it has biochemical benefits such as reducing cortisol (the stress hormone), lowering blood pressure, and increasing tolerance to pain. “Humor and distressing emotions such as anxiety, depression, and anger cannot occupy the same psychological space.” When you experience humor distressing emotions dissolve.

Tip 3

Be Grateful

Focus on what you have. Include all the “little” things that add to your life. Each day before going to bed, list 3 things that you are grateful for. These can be big or small; physical or non-physical like being grateful for a friend; or anything else you can imagine that you appreciate.

Tip 4

Be Realistic

Is your resolution “doable.” Can it be achieved in your reasonable time frame. While it is nice to have high expectations, they often are so high that achieving them is too challenging, and you end up frustrated and giving up. If possible, have your resolutions broken into manageable steps so that you will see your progress. We know that steady progress toward a goal is intrinsically rewarding, and therefore, we are likely to continue on the path.

Tip 5

Review your resolutions daily

Each day take a few moments to review your resolutions. Ask yourself what are you going to do each day to work toward achieving the resolution. These are goals and the best way to achieve them is to keep them “present.”

Tip 6

Consider “Do I really want to have resolutions?” No resolutions lead to instant success!!

Yes, is it time to say, “I have not chosen to follow through on my resolutions in the past, so is it time to “resolve” to achieve having no resolutions.” If I choose no resolutions, then I will certainly be able to achieve the resolution of not have any resolutions.

Tip 7

Minify, Minify, Minify

Make your resolutions things that you want to accomplish but they are so small that they can be almost instantly achieved. Perhaps you can take a picture of something you see each day. Perhaps you can send a friend a very short email. Perhaps you can read a cartoon or tell someone a joke or short story. Perhaps you can make a list of all the simple things you do accomplish in an instant!!!!

To choose a personal resolution embrace the vision from the great philosopher and Jedi, Yoda, who said “Do Or Do Not; There is no try.” If you have selected a doable resolution, and are you committed to doing it because you WANT TO do it, you will succeed because the “Force” will be with you!!